We hope that this small token serves to highlight the importance of the action of the Cigogne in the lives of student-parents.

We Lorena and Rodrigo, student parents from Chile who make our studies at the University of Montreal and the University of Quebec in Montreal respectively. Since the arrival of our son Simon, the year 2010, we started to attend the first day nursery "The Bundles". Then we had the chance to participate in several activities of Cigogne, for example, collective kitchen, meetings between fathers, coffee meetings, among others. We have found that students, parents, like us, needed support, share experiences, and finally to build solidarity among people from a little by all the world.

Thank you and a long life Cigogne!


An environment where you feel good!

The Cigogne Association, it is not a single community organization. It is a place where you can feel at home, even being completely uprooted!

When I arrived at the Cigogne I was very warmly welcomed. They were always available to help me or get me the necessary resources. In addition, there are always lots of interesting activities that are offered. It facilitates a concrete integration of an immigrant. It allows parents and even immigrant students to meet others who are experiencing the same difficulties.

The association allows people to meet. That's probably why I feel to be part of a large family with them!