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Hiring a new project manager: Luz Stella Hernandez and a former volunteer: Cathia Onganga.
Hiring a fundraiser, he takes care of communications and funding of the organization.
First government grants: Department of Seniors, Family and Women.
Temporary move to the House of Solidarity from the University of Montreal (SAHC).
Final move in a rented office in PROMIS - pending home student family.
New image: new logo, website, brochure ...






Abdenbi Dair takes files stimulus funding and the group of dads.
New partnership with the Promised body.
Dinner reunion of old in December.
Installing a playground for children living with foster parents.
Nadya Blanchette becomes our official spokesperson for our benefit dinner.










Year Festival for Stork: 10 years serving students parents.
Partnership with the Quebec Ministry of intercultural relations.
Outlet with Quebec families.
Creating a play and a dance for the benefit dinner.

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The Lieutenant-Governor of Quebec Lise Thibault, supports our project at the benefit dinner.
Difficult year, two employees have to leave for family reasons.
Increase volunteerism to address the lack of employees.
Parade of strollers at UdeM.
The relocation of Stork becomes a priority home which houses we will be destroyed.


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New sources of funding.
CLSC CDN, Perinatal Program enables us to develop new projects.
Time invested in several groups of organizations: Table CDN family, table area, Community Council ...
Uncertainties as to the management and planning of the organization's activities related to our move.
New activity: Art therapy.
Early Stork Price: presented to university employees who have demonstrated outstanding support to a student parent.










The  Cigogne  Association gets its incorporation as NPOs.
Getting a 2nd grant of $ 25,000.
The Bundles is an independent organization through collaboration with FAECUM.
Book publishing kitchen: 100 recipes for student parents.


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First Benefit Dinner.
Attendance at activities almost doubled: 894 in 2001 and 1475 in 2002.
Increase the number of volunteer hours.











Project Student Centre Benoît-Lacroix.
Start the locker room for children and pregnant women.
First coffee meetings.
Individual listening by social workers.










Cigogne is a non-profit organization.
Childcare startup (8 children a day / week), this is the Bundles.
First family camp.
The fund shares.










Obtaining financing to start the foundation Béati: $ 25,000.
First collective kitchens.
Participation in the thematic weeks UdeM.
Obtaining Mireille-Lanctôt price.
Editing a resource guide for student parents.
Creating the Baby-Campus, the student newspaper parents.
The crèche moved residences Maria Goretti.
Early partnership with AHC Service.