The organization

The Cigogne association is an organization that welcomes parents who are studying at the university and CEGEP.

 We are equipped with a special mission. No other organization specifically helps students parents. This is a very special reality because children already have a lot of energy, it takes exceptional courage to return or simply continue their studies! According to a study, it is unquantifiable phenomenon, but more and more now. (See article on the reception) The rate varies from one institution to another, but it remains a significant number of people who have to balance family life with the student and sometimes the worker.



Our mission

The mission of the Cigogne Association is to help students parents balance their education and parenting, by providing :

    • A cozy place where they can find listen, support and help other students living in the same problem as them.
    • Activities and services to meet their needs and those of their children.
    • Information on their rights and the resources available to them.
    • Tools to carry out their responsibilities in the best possible parents.

The Cigogne Association also aims to improve the lives of student parents, conducting outreach to academia.