The Cigogne Association is always looking for volunteers in the following areas:

    • The storage locker
    • Home help for overwhelmed families
    • People are interested in creating posters to advertise our activities
    • Help at home
    • Transport for family outings
    • Occasional assistance (eg garage sale, Christmas, car washes, benefit dinner ...)
    • Animation Workshop
    • Guard during Friday activities or home
    • Various office work


Volunteering is always a rewarding experience to Cigogne. On request, we can give you a sheet that recognizes your work with us. It is also a beautiful experience that can be put on your resume.


Télécharcher the registration form here and we refer to the Cigogne Association.

Inscription-Bénévolat 2012-2013_fr (PDF)


THANK YOU to our volunteers!


Bissam Karafi

Thank you to Bissam for his help in the community kitchen and its support for the funding of the organization!


Edy-Claude Okalla

Thank you to Edy for his psychosocial services, presentation and babysitting services!


Valentina Quiazua

Thank you to Valentina for her help during the collective cooking and babysitting!


Stanislava Dudrenova

Thank you to Stanislava for her help in the locker room and for Christmas gifts!


Émily Brossard

Thank you to Emily for her help during the garage sale!


Hanane Khalil

Thank you for helping to Hanane during the garage sale!


Zamira Santillan

Thank you to Zamira for babysitting during the General Assembly!


Ghofrane Grendi

Thank you to Ghofrane for her help in the locker room!


Nadine Nsengiyumva

Thank you to Nadine for her help with the resources of the website!





Visibility committee

The visibility committee has a mission to help the body become known for its ease funding to grow and offer more services to more members.

Members participate as a volunteer. The Stork Association thank them for all their efforts!

Its members:

Guillaume D'util

Émily Brossard

Rodrigo Quiroz

Caroline Poudrier

Paulina Arroyo

Fidèle Mouafo

A special THANK YOU


Lyudmila Yastremska

Thank you to Lyudmila for her help with the tax clinic, in the locker room during the Cafes meeting, during the benefit dinner, etc!


Kory Maya Gonzalez

Thank you to Kory for her outstanding involvement! She has been present in most event to give a hand.


Svetlana Truhina

Thank you to Svetlana for animate the workshop Yoga weekend!


Olga Cardozo

Thank you to Olga for his help with accounting!


Daniel Lorenzo

Thank you to Daniel for his professional support making website!