Baby Massage

A professional baby massage workshop runs once a year. During three sessions, it shows parents how to massage their babies to reproduce these massages thereafter for the welfare of the child.

Art therapy

therapie SmallA professional animates three workshops Art therapy once a year. It teaches parents how to decode the messages that the child unconsciously transmits through his artistic creations.


A mother-student offers generously of his time to lead the Yoga workshop for parents to learn moves, exercises and specific position specific to that sport that will help them reduce their stress.

Kung Fu

The workshop takes place over three weekends and is for parents and children ages 7 and up.

It allows families to discover the sport. We show warm-up exercises and basic techniques.

First aid

First aid workshops allow parents to learn techniques of intervention in emergencies such as how to respond when a child is choking, give artificial respiration, etc..

Workshops are held once a year. There are three workshops three weekends in a row. Sometimes certain activities last longer due to the availability of volunteers and the participants' interest.