Coffee Meeting

tasseEvery Friday afternoon, parents are invited to participate in the Coffee Meeting to discuss on various topics.

We offer coffee, tea, juice and cookies. Children are always welcome at the Cigogne Association!

Collective cooking

Each month, we invite parents to cook in groups to discover new simple, affordable dishes and especially delicious.

The event usually starts around 10am. Arrived in time for dinner, the local Association of Cigogne smells appetizing smells! We enjoy our success together and often, parents reported the same home to share their experience.

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We ask a contribution of $ 5 to cover the cost of purchasing food.

  As we always encourage parents to participate in the association, each member is encouraged to make us know the kitchen of his culture! Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any recipe ideas that you would like to share with us the next collective kitchen. See the calendar.

Family outings

The Association offers almost every month, a family outing. These outputs are varied and often reflect the season. This is an opportunity for immigrant parents to discover the Québec and its attractions. This is also an opportunity for parents to meet other families and and live together a nice day. Children easily become friends and lasting relationships are forged.

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Example output:

  • Biodome
  • Sugar Shack
  • Sledding at Mount Royal
  • Amusement Park In Wonderland
  • Apple picking


Group purchasing

The purchases aim to benefit students, parents of products at wholesale prices for groups.

The concept of group buying is to allow parents to share these large packages with others while enjoying the affordable prices. Nothing prevents you buy in bulk if it suits you. The price remains interesting!

We have established a list of products that can always be extended as needed. Prices and quantities are well explained. You know what to expect and so far, parents are satisfied with the system.

 The dates are determined each month. So far, purchasing groups fesaient the beginning of each month. We will determine a new schedule in the group in September. It is possible, if this time is not to make purchases via email or phone.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested!

Evening Dads

At Cigogne Association, we value the father's place in the family. That is why we proposed the evening dads so that they live a special time with their children. This allows men to meet other fathers who each live experience of paternity in their own way. It is a time of sharing and exchange.

Meanwhile, mom enjoys only a moment that leaves him free to do its work.


The organization regularly invites people to give lectures on topics of interest to parents. We try to provide information or to support them in their parenting role, either as a student or even as a citizen.

These conferences are often held during Cafes meetings. This brings variety and new topics of discussion.

Regular activities places about once a month.